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Twin Eagles 36" Outdoor Built-In Grill (Propane Gas - No)
Twin Eagles 36" Outdoor Built-In Grill (Propane Gas - No)

Twin Eagles 36" Outdoor Built-In Grill (Propane Gas - No)

SKU: TEBQ36GS-B-LP-Removed
Catalog Number: 59740
The product you have requested has been removed from our system and is no longer available for purchase.
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Standard Features

  • #304 Stainless steel welded construction
  • Seamless weld, double wall front hood with hi-lites
  • Stainless steel hexagonal grates
  • One piece seamless front panel with hi-lites
  • 25,000 BTU Stainless steel heavy wall burners
  • Ceramic grilling briquettes
  • Battery powered electronic ignition
  • Detailed finish with hi-lites
Overall Dimensions

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Cutout Dimensions

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36" Outdoor Gas Grill with Searing Station

It is made out of 304 stainless steel welded construction. The finished seamless look with polished edges have set the benchmark of excellence in the barbeque industry. The front lid houses a 1 3/4" inner liner to prevent discoloration due to high heat. 3/8" hexagonal stainless steel cooking grates has a wider flat surface transfers consistent heat and creates steakhouse styled sear marks while traditional round grates cannot perform these function. Grates on commercial products are normally flat. The flat surface prevents food from sagging between the grates allowing food to be turned without any damage. Twin Eagles specially designed ceramic are baked at 3,000 degrees. Briquettes generate & retain consistent heat allowing food to cook at even temperature. Multi location of stainless steel smoker box offers pin point smoking of food without interfering with heat distribution. A built-in Searing Station will bring 24,000 Btu of intense infrared heat for any searing occasions. The heat generated at burner is 1,700 and 1,000 at sear grates. Heat is contained and transferred directly to the sear grates for consistent heat to improve quick searing and quality tasting food. One piece seamless panel with polished hi-lites compliments the super finish of the grill panel giving one common look.