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Fire Magic Lift-A-Fire Built In Grill
Fire Magic Lift-A-Fire Built In Grill

Fire Magic Lift-A-Fire Built In Grill

(Without Cooking Grids or Oven/Hood.)
Brand: Fire Magic
Black Powder-Coated
SKU: 3339
Catalog Number: 17694
Weight: 36 lbs
List Price: $455.00
Sale Price: $386.75

Standard Features:

  • Constructed of Powder-Coated steel for Durablility
  • 368 (16" x 23") sq. in. of Cooking Surface
  • Adjustable Airflow Charcoal Pan for Better Lighting and Cooking
  • Easy Access Charcoal Door to Add Fuel
  • Area Opening: 24-1/2" wide x 17-1/2" deep x 12" high

Cooking with Charcoal:

Charcoal grilling is a firm tradition in American backyard cooking. Using hard wood charcoal often adds savory flavoring and a smoked zest unmatched by indoor preparation. Whether using a direct method for flat meats or an indirect approach for roasts, the key to good grilling is to turn food at just the right time to cook evenly.

For a charcoal barbecue experience that's sure to tempt taste buds, follow these important grilling pointers:

  • Sprinkle any spices on your to-be grilled food an hour before you grill. This allows the flavor to sink in.
  • Make sure enough charcoal is lit to form a bed of glowing coals 3 inches larger on all sides than the surface area you're planning to cook on.
  • Use oil or cooking spray on the grill when grilling low fat meats and other foods. Make sure to not apply spray to a lit grill.
  • Preheat the grill to the right temperature. Coals need about 45 minutes to heat up and should burn until they are covered with a thin coat of gray ash.
  • Trim any excess fat on meats before grilling to prevent flare-ups.
  • Always use tongs or a spatula to turn food on a grill; forks allow flavorful juices to run out.
  • Typically, when grill marks on a steak or burger are turning black, it's a sign to flip them.
  • Before serving, let meat or poultry sit for a few minutes on a serving platter. This allows the juices driven to the center by searing heat to return to the surface.
Note: If installing into a combustible material you must purchase the insulating liner with your grill.
Series Legacy Series
Cut Out Width 24.75
Cut Out Depth 17.25
Fuel Charcoal
Back Burner Type None
Rotisserie No
Light None
Side Burner None
Burner Configuration All Conventional
Brand Fire Magic
Mount Type Built-In
Style Built-In
Cut Out Height 12
Cooking Grid Depth 16
Cooking Grid Width 23
Cooking Methods Charcoal or Wood
Category Charcoal Grills
Sub Category Built-In Charcoal Grills
Built-In Cut-Out Dimensions
    Width (Right to Left):24.75
    Depth (Front to Back):17.25
    Height (Ground to Ceiling):12
Cooking Surface Size
    Depth: 16
Fuel Type:Charcoal
Back Burner Type:None
Rotisserie Kit:No
Light: None
Side Burner:None
Infrared Main Burner:All Conventional
Ways to Cook:Charcoal/Wood

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