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Fire Magic Deluxe Classic Countertop Drop In Grill
Fire Magic Deluxe Classic Countertop Drop In Grill
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Fire Magic Deluxe Classic Countertop Drop In Grill

Brand: Fire Magic
Propane Gas, Stainless Steel Cooking Grids, Gourmet Smoke Oven, Stainless Steel Burners
SKU: 31-S1S1P-A
Catalog Number: 4954
Weight: 140 lbs
List Price: $2,227.00
Sale Price: $1,892.95

Standard Features:

  • 42,000 Total BTU's
  • Gourmet Smoke Oven / Hood
  • Stainless Steel Cooking Grids
  • 368 sq. inch Primary Grilling Area
  • 172.5 sq. inch Secondary Grilling Area
  • Two Cast Stainless Steel Burners
  • Cooking Grid Lifter
  • Stainless Steel Warming Rack
  • Stainless Steel Installation Hanger
  • Bright Polished Stainless Steel Bezels

Ranked #1 By Grill Search

Uniquely angled, perforated, solid edged 16 gauge all stainless steel Flavor Grids radiate the burner's heat evenly throughout and across the entire surface. Reflects all the heat up toward the grilling surface, not down like ceramic briquettes or rods. Provides best tasting food by vaporizing drippings. Grease fires are minimized. Heats and cools quicker than any other barbecue. Simple to clean. Lasts for years. Allows for easy use of wood chips and other flavor enhancers.
Functionally designed, this hood is engineered to reflect heat while allowing use of the entire cooking surface. It creates a natural convection effect, cooking the food evenly, providing the utmost in versatility. Along with the perfectly placed pivot hinge system, this roll top style hood provides the best in cooking and cooking control. Cook with the hood closed or open. When the hood is open, more than 50% of the grilling space is still covered. This position design helps circulate heat. Large internal clearances allow you to cook more food and cook larger items up to 15" diameter. When the hood is closed, your Fire Magic Barbecue cooks like an oven, allowing a full range of outdoor cooking. Double walled construction, this beautiful all stainless steel hood sports attractive heavy duty shoulders. An ergonomically designed handle and pivot hinge system make it easy to open and shut. Silicone bumpers on the lid insure a quiet close.
High quality castings using the latest technology with precision machined burner posts evenly spaced throughout the barbecue. Combined with a uniquely developed internal baffling system, each burner provides even heat, at the highest high and the lowest low. These burner walls are 4-5 times thicker than any other stainless steel burners. The most durable burners on any barbecue... warranted for life! Burner and Air Shutter are specially machined for precision adjustment of Air / Gas mixture.
Unique burner design combined with burner placement, flavor grids, spacious firebox height, hood design and internal size provide the most even heat distribution system. Burners are designed and placed so that portholes are evenly spaced throughout the whole barbecue, front to back. This design is a key factor in avoiding flare-ups.
A full 12" deep firebox top-to-bottom provides the space to properly position burners, heat distribution system, and cooking grids for the best heat diffusion with minimal flare-ups. Fire Magic grills are constructed so all burners can be used for a variety of cooking at the same time.

The widest temperature range and the best cooking control. From an adjustable low, so low that you can bake a cake... To a high, so high (1000 F) that you can sear a steak!... (and cook it throughout). Fire Magic gives you versatility that is unmatched in barbecue grilling.
Textured, stick resistant, stainless steel cooking grids are made of heavy duty 5/16" diameter rods evenly placed every 5/8". They are backed by 3/8" heavy duty cross rods to cover over 50% of the cooking space, perfect coverage for all types of food.
  • 41 angled and ergonomically designed, user-friendly control panel.
  • Reflective mirror finish.
  • Reliable electronic spark ignition.
  • Easy to use knobs.
  • Light/Hi/Med-Hi/Med/Med-Lo/Lo positions.
  • Durable cast brass valves.
  • Cooler face and knobs - for longer and more dependable performance.

With 368 square inches of cooking area, the Fire Magic Deluxe barbecue satisfies the needs of chefs. Fire Magic's outstanding line of gas grills take outdoor cooking to a new level. Chefs have the ability to control heat with precision; for flavor, succulent, perfectly cooked meats that entice friends and family back for more! Several features make Fire Magic barbecues the most popular among discerning chefs. One is the Fire Magic exclusive Flavor Grid, which vaporizes drippings, making great barbecues even better.

Families and friends are entertaining at home, and enjoying outdoor living more than ever. Gourmet grillers appreciate barbecues of quality design and unbeatable performance. That is why they prefer Fire Magic barbecues. Solid unibody construction enhances the performance and durability of Fire Magic gas grills. Commercial quality details such as reflective control panel, full stainless steel interior structural components, heavy-duty knobs surrounded by stainless steel bezels, push button solid state electronic ignitors, and heavy-duty double wall stainless steel hoods highlight Fire Magic's leadership in grill design.

The Fire Magic Advantages...

Fire Magic's proven performance, commercial quality construction and its attractive good looks help you entertain with style and culinary flare.

Performance - Fire Magic offers the highest BTU input per square inch of any BBQ grill. Heating up fast while providing the most even heat possible.

Heat Range - To provide complete versatility in cooking, brass control valves allow unmatched low temperatures for slow cooking, and the hottest high settings needed for searing steaks or burgers.

Flavor Grids - This unique heat distribution system radiates heat evenly across the grill surface. They provide full barbecue flavor from vaporized drippings and are easy to clean and maintain.

Oven Design - The rounded design provides a natural convection effect with even heating while requiring minimum clearance behind the oven and is also engineered to reflect heat more efficiently to the cooking surface.

Inner Liner - The drip pan is separated from the cooking surface by our Inner Liner, which maximizes the oven-like efficiency of the grill and helps prevent flare-ups.

Heavyweight Cast Stainless Burners - Fire Magic offers state-of-the-art cast stainless steel burners with lifetime warranty.

Cooking Grids - There is a wide choice of grids for every grill size: procelain/steel rod, porcelain/cast iron, and stainless steel rod.

User-Friendly Control Panel - The angled-control panel of the Gourmet Series Barbecue is designed for easier, safer operation, as well as attractive styling.

Manufacturing - Fire Magic's tools, dies, even our state-of-the-art laser cutter, have been made specifically to manufacture our barbecues.

Longevity - Heavy gauge steel is used in all aspects of our barbecue construction to insure structural integrity.

Ignition Systems - Fire Magic's state-of-the-art Electronic Ignition System is made of the finest materials available utilizing the newest technologies. Its dual-pronged ignition electrodes assure dependable lighting.

Conversion - Fire Magic is one of the few barbecues which can be field-converted between gas types (Natural Gas to Propane or Propane to Natural Gas).

Wider- Better utilization of available oven space, allowing larger pieces of meat.

Better Cooking Results - The combination of radiant heat from the Radiation Deflector and convection oven heat assures that food is cooked evenly throughout, while browning, but not burning, the exterior.

Back Burner Type None
Rotisserie No
Light None
Side Burner None
Burner Configuration All Conventional
Fuel Propane Gas
Style Built-In
Mount Type Drop-In
Ignition Style Electronic - Battery
Brand Fire Magic
Fuel Conversion Kit Includes LP to NG
Cut Out Height 12
Clearance to Backsplash 4 Inches
Cooking Grid Material Stainless Steel Rod
Drip Pan Yes
Double Wall Hood Yes
Warranty Against Burn Through Yes
Flavorizer System Stainless Steel
Main Burner Material Cast Stainless-Steel
Grill Body Material 304 Stainless Steel
Main Burner Style Straight
Warranty Lifetime -NON-ProRated
Number of Main Burners 2
Cut Out Depth 19.5
Years In Business 1937
Primary Cooking Area 368
Cooking Grid Depth 16
Cooking Grid Width 23
Main Burner BTU 42000
Total BTU 42000
Total Cooking Area 540.5
Cooking Methods Conventional, Charcoal or Wood
Cut Out Width 24.5
Category Gas Grills
Sub Category Built-In Gas Grills
Series Legacy Series
Built-In Cut-Out Dimensions
    Width (Right to Left):24.5
    Depth (Front to Back):19.5
    Height (Ground to Ceiling):12
    Clearance to Backsplash:4 Inches
Main Burner BTU's:42000
Total BTU's:42000
Primary Grilling Area:368
Secondary Grilling Area: 172.5
Total Grilling Area:540.5
Cooking Surface Size
    Depth: 16
Year Company Started Selling Barbecues:1937
Fuel Type:Propane Gas
Fuel Conversion: Includes LP to NG
Back Burner Type:None
Rotisserie Kit:No
Main Burner Material:Cast Stainless-Steel
Burner Style:Straight
Grill Body Construction Material:304 Stainless Steel
Ignition Style:Electronic - Battery
Number of Main Burners: 2
Warranty: Lifetime -NON-ProRated
Cooking Grid Material:Stainless Steel Rod
Light: None
Side Burner:None
Infrared Main Burner:All Conventional
Flavorizer Grids:Stainless Steel
Drip Pan:Yes
Double Walled Hood: Yes
Burner Warranty Against Burn Through:Yes
Ways to Cook:Conventional, Charcoal/Wood

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