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Chicago Brick Oven Refractory Brick Oven
Chicago Brick Oven Refractory Brick Oven
Chicago Brick Oven Refractory Brick Oven
Chicago Brick Oven Refractory Brick Oven
Chicago Brick Oven Refractory Brick Oven
Chicago Brick Oven Refractory Brick Oven
Chicago Brick Oven Refractory Brick Oven
Chicago Brick Oven Refractory Brick Oven
Chicago Brick Oven Refractory Brick Oven
Chicago Brick Oven Refractory Brick Oven
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Chicago Brick Oven Refractory Brick Oven

Brand: Chicago Brick Oven
SKU: CBO-750
Catalog Number: 53751
Weight: 480 lbs
List Price: $4,502.00
Sale Price: $3,353.25
Are you looking for a new way to cook for your guests? Chicago Brick Ovens are tailored to your needs! Enjoy foods such as pizzas, steaks, breads, appetizers, roasted veggies, and more!

Standard Features
  • Made of high strength cast refractory materials reinforced with stainless fibers.
  • Parts included are base, oven arch, and opening curve
  • Equipment included:
    • Insulating door for baking and closed oven cooking
    • Decorative external door
    • Flue connector
    • Insulation kit
  • Patent pending design takes advantage of all methods of cooking; radiant heat, convection and conduction.
  • Wood burning
  • Over 28" of cooking surface.

Contact us today and discover the great taste of wood fired cooking in America's premier wood fired oven.

Brick Oven 101

How the Oven Works

Cooking with a brick oven will change the way you entertain! To master the skill of cooking in a Brick Oven you must first understand How the Oven Works. Brick ovens, by nature, cook with radiant heat, convection, and conduction.

Radiant Heat

Radiant Heat is heat from a direct source. In a wood fired oven, radiant heat can come from two sources; directly from the fire, and from stored heat in the oven walls and hearth. As you can see from the diagram, when the oven is heated properly radiant heat is stored in the dome of the oven as well as the oven floor. This radiant heat is a very even heat and will cook the food from all directions. The special shape of your CBO oven insures that the stored Radiant Heat is used efficiently, reducing all cold spots in your oven. By slowly building the stored heat in your oven you will be able to take advantage of the radiant heat for longer periods of time. You will also utilize radiant heat by leaving a fire in the oven or hot coals. If you want high heat, and a short cooking time (pizzas), you will utilize this method.


Convection in an oven is defined as heated air circulating in an oven. As shown in the image below, cool air is drawn into the oven through the access hole (when exterior door is closed) or through the oven opening (when door is open). As the cool air is drawn into the oven it is rapidly heated by the fire and the stored heat in the oven. This heated air passes over the food evenly. As the air continues to heat, it passes to the back of the oven and rises. The heated air now passes over the food again on the way out of the oven's flue. This draw causes a steady flow of heat to pass over the food in the oven, causing convection. As you develop your Brick Oven skills, you will learn how to control the amount of air coming into the oven; and the amount of air leaving the oven by controlling the flue.

You can also take advantage of convection in closed door cooking. When the oven is heated properly, and the fire is removed, you can place the insulating door on the oven to keep the heat in. When you add cool dough to the hot oven convection will take place through the moisture in the dough. As the hot air comes in contact with the dough the heat is transferred. The air will come off the dough cooler; then will be heated again by the oven. This process will create convection by the air constantly moving within the oven. To take full advantage of this process you would want to load your hot oven full with dough.


The last method of cooking in your oven comes from Conduction. Conduction simply occurs when a cooler object comes in contact with a warmer object and heat is transferred. The amount of conduction that takes place will depend on two things; the temperature difference of the two items, and the material that is between them (if any). For example, you may want to sear a steak by placing a cast iron grill in a very hot oven. Once the grill is at temperature, you will place room temperature steaks on the grill. This contact will cause conduction to take place and sear the steaks.

Another great example of conduction is putting a pizza in your hot oven directly on the heated hearth. The heat transfer from the hearth to your pizza will cause an excellent crust to form. This is very important to be able to obtain a nice crust, instead of a soggy one.

CBO Ovens are specially designed to take full advantage of all three cooking methods; Radiant Heat, Convection, and Conduction.

Our ovens will expose you to a whole new way of outdoor entertaining.

Cut Out Depth 40.5
Light None
Cut Out Height 14.5
Cut Out Width 37
Cooking Grid Depth 41
Cooking Grid Width 28
Cooking Methods Convection, Charcoal or Wood
Style Built-In
Fuel Wood
Rotisserie No
Side Burner None
Burner Configuration All Conventional
Brand Chicago Brick Oven
Category Outdoor Kitchen Accessories
Sub Category Pizza Ovens
Back Burner Type None
Built-In Cut-Out Dimensions
    Width (Right to Left):37
    Depth (Front to Back):40.5
    Height (Ground to Ceiling):14.5
Cooking Surface Size
    Depth: 41
Fuel Type:Wood
Back Burner Type:None
Rotisserie Kit:No
Light: None
Side Burner:None
Infrared Main Burner:All Conventional
Ways to Cook:Convection, Charcoal/Wood

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