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Charcoal Post Grills

Post and pedestal charcoal grills are perfect for small spaces like patios and balconies. The space-saving design of post and pedestal charcoal grills makes them the perfect choice for anyone who wants to grill out but doesn’t have a huge backyard or deck. We offer quality post and pedestal charcoal grills from the most trusted name in the industry, Fire Magic. Take a look at our selection below, or give us a call 24/7 at 877-669-4669 and our experts will help you choose the right grill for your individual needs.

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Sale Price: $2,221.90
SKU: 22-SC01C-P6
Catalog # 39506
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SKU: 22-SC01C-G6
Catalog # 39507
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Charcoal grills cook hotter than gas grills so your food cooks faster, giving you more time for entertaining and spending time with your loved ones. Plus, charcoal grills give your food a rich, smoky flavor and mouth-watering aroma that you can't get with electric or gas grills. Post and pedestal charcoal grills are extremely versatile, because you can also burn wood in them to give your food a unique flavor, as well as turn them into smokers to prepare delicious, tender smoked meats that practically melt in your mouth!