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Side Burners

Stop running back and forth between your grill and your kitchen and get a Side Burner, already! If you use a lot of glazes (or would like to but itís been too much of a hassle previously), itís great for keeping sauce warm to brush onto the meat youíre cooking. Brands like Twin Eagles & Lynx will get you started on your search for the perfect side burner. Then you can call one of our experts 24/7 at 877-669-4669 and theyíll help you snag a great deal on your favorite!
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Any cooking that can be done inside can be done outside with your new side burner! You can make steaks on your grill for the adults & macaroni and cheese on the side burner for the kids! You could also use your side burner as a back-up cooking device if an outage occurs. A side burner is the perfect addition to your outdoor grill, so look around and pick your favorite right now!