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Grill Covers

Grill Covers protect your gas grill from any kind of external dangers. Moist air can severely damage your grill. Most grills are made of iron; moisture that accumulates on the surface of your grill can damage the metallic structure. This moisture, coupled with the oxygen in the air, makes your grill a target for rusting! You can prevent that with the simple purchase & use of a grill cover. Got questions? Give us a call: 877-669-4669.
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In addition to rusting, your gas grill can become a breeding ground for insects and other animals. Using a grill cover provides not just protection for your gas grill, but also increases its durability and efficiency. Grill covers keep your grill in top shape and ready for use throughout the year so you can have a perfectly seared steak anytime you or your family and friends crave one! Grill covers diminish the progression of constant wear and tear - preventing you from spending serious money on small (or large!) repairs down the road. The grill cover you choose should be fitted to the grill so that it does not leave any opening for rain water or insects. Lynx & Crown Verity make some great grill covers & are trusted brands we recommend. If you need to know which cover is right for your grill, just give us a call! Our lines are open 24/7.