What’s the Best Equipment for My Grill Island?

The best type of equipment for you island depends on what you like to do best. Once you’ve invested in this great addition to your backyard, you’ll want to show it off as much as possible. So play to your strengths! Decide what events will feature your new island, and get the equipment that would work best.

Do you like to host backyard games, and cook burgers and dogs for your guests?

Then you’re going to love our side burners. These additions can give your grill as many gas boilers and grill space as you need. To make clean up a snap so you can get back in the game, check out one of the concealed trash bins. And don’t forget about our great ice bins. They will keep the cans ice cold while you show off your skills on the gridiron. Or, if your team is a big one, look into one of our Kegerators. These additions will allow you to keep a full keg of beer ice cold for you and your team.

Do you like to host outdoor parties with great spirits and great friends?

If you like to show off your taste in wine, look into one of our wine coolers. With a 3.1 Cubic Foot Capacity, you can allow your guests to sample a small vineyard without ever leaving the yard. Got a great margarita recipe? Show it off using our custom built Margarita Center, complete with customer blender and glasses. Want to show off your bartending skills? Our Outdoor Bar extension is ready to help you out. It incorporates all the holders needed to hold your drinks. And incorporates a bar sink for quick clean up. But if you prefer to bring the bar to your guests, you won’t have a problem. Check out our Cocktail Station. This moving bar has everything you’ll need to mix drinks on the go.

Do you want to show off your skill on the grill?

No matter what meal you’re cooking for, we’ve got you covered. Our Breakfast Club grill attachment comes with stainless steel side cooker and thermostat controlled griddle plate. To cook the perfect steak, you’ll need our searing station. It uses infrared heat to help you to lock in flavor without taking up too much space. And to turn every party into a pizza party, check out our custom-made Chicago Brick Oven. Homemade pizza never tasted so good.


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