What Does An Outdoor Kitchen Island Kit Contain?

Outdoor kitchen island kits may include any number of appliances for outdoor cooking and entertaining. Some kits include a simple grill and refrigerator, while others contain many kitchen gadgets. Different materials may be available for the base as well, allowing you to choose colors best suited to your backyard.

The most basic element included in an outdoor kitchen island kit is a grill. Stainless steel is a common material used for grills, but others, such as wrought iron, may be available as well. The dimensions and special features of the grill also vary. A refrigerator for an outdoor kitchen island, when included in the kit, often matches the grill. Islands with stainless steel grills, for instance, may have stainless steel front panel refrigerators.

Other cooking surfaces available in outdoor kitchen islands include griddles, ovens, side burners, and even open fire pits. The size and number of additional cooking surfaces may vary considerably. For example, a kit may include one large oven, a smaller oven, and a single griddle, while some other outdoor kitchen island kits could contain one large griddle with no other cooking elements but the grill. All griddles, burners, and ovens included in a kit usually match the grill’s look as well.

Many kits contain kitchen amenities that could make your outdoor grilling experience easier. Small sinks for washing grill utensils and built-in trash receptacles, for example, are common elements for an outdoor kitchen island. Large counter tops for preparing food and under-counter storage cupboards are often available as well. Other items, such as ice makers, beer taps, and countertops tall enough to serve as a bar, could be useful for entertaining guests.

An outdoor kitchen island kit may have a base made from a number of materials to perfectly suit your outdoor area. Brick, granite, stone, and stucco are common materials and offer a rustic charm. Even marble may be utilized for a strong and beautiful island base. Other materials might be available for certain areas within the kitchen island. For instance, a kit might include porcelain tile countertops for an indoor kitchen look.

The shapes of island bases might also vary from simple rectangles and L-shapes to more complex designs. Size is also a consideration. Some kits have bases that are compact enough to fit in a small corner of the backyard, while others could cover a massive area with plenty of countertops and gadgets.


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