Weekly Cooking Challenge: Bananas

This week, we’re taking part in a weekly cooking challenge that runs on Facebook. I think it would be great to get a few of you involved in it as well!  It’s called “The Weekly Cooking Challenge” (I have NO idea where they got that name!!) and I love seeing the creative things people come up with every week. Sometimes it’s difficult for us to get involved since we want to grill everything for our recipes and the weather doesn’t always play fair. But this week, we got to participate and we’re quite happy with the results!

This week’s ingredient is: Bananas!

We made Banana Delights. They are essentially banana splits made on the grill and they are delicious! We have some recipes below and of course … pictures & videos! We hope you enjoy.

Our first recipe is Chocolately Peanut Butter Banana Delights. Click here for a printable recipe.
You will need: Bananas, Peanut Butter Chips, Mini Marshmallows, and Chocolate Syrup. We also added chocolate chips to ours because we like chocolate!

Mini Marshmallows and Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chips

How we did it:

Stuffing the banana with marshmallows, chocolate chips,
and peanut butter chips

We also made a Banana Delight with Heath in it … SO good! You can click here for a printable version of that recipe.

Bananas on the grill ... don't
they look goofy? But they taste

Click on a picture to see it full

What do you think? Have you ever heard of bananas on the grill before?

  1. Thanks for participating in this week’s banana challenge. Your grilled recipe looks fabulous and I love the grilling idea. During the summer I try to get more grilling in but the weather here in the Pacific NW isn’t the warmest for standing outside cooking.

    The weekly challenges are easy. They are designed so everyone can find something to make that will fit into them.

    Please feel free to jump in anytime. The only expectation I have is that we keep inspiring and teaching what we are doing by sharing the pictures and recipes. Cooking at home needs to be more than just watching people cook on tv.

    Happy Cooking Everyone!
    The Weekly Cooking Challenge :-)

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