Want To Know Who Makes The Best Chicago-Style Brick Oven Pizza? You Do!

There’s no pizza in America quite like Chicago-Style brick oven pizza … that’s for sure. But you won’t always have to travel to Chicago to get a slice because we’ve got a recipe from one of Chicago’s most famous pizzerias: Pizzeria Giordano. Making your pizza at home and from scratch is easier and more authentic than ever when you bake your pie in your very own Chicago brick oven.

Here’s the recipe:

Pizzeria Giordano Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza

1-1/2 cups flour

1 tsp yeast

3/4 tsp kosher salt

3/4 tsp sugar

6 tsp olive oil

6 tbsp warm water

10″ pie pan

First, mix together flour, salt, and sugar. Next, add yeast to the mixture. Scoop out a bit of the dry mixture, then begin forming dough into rough ball, adding in olive oil until it comes together into cohesive ball. If you need to, add a little water until you achieve the doughy consistency.

Knead the dough for about two minutes. (Secret: The more you need, the more the dough turns into a bread-like consistency; therefore, to maintain the pie-like consistency, do not knead too long). Allow a few hours for the dough to rise (up to 8 hours, or you can leave the mixture in the refrigerator overnight).

Roll risen dough with rolling pin until it is thin. Fold into quarters and repeat. The dough should be at least 12″ in diameter. Grease the 10″ deep dish pan with oil or butter, then drape the dough over the pan and line the sides with the dough. Press the dough firmly across the bottom and sides; the leftover dough can be cut off along the edges of the pan.

At the bottom of the pan, you will add mozzarella cheese (generously). Next, add your tomato sauce. (Giordano’s pizza sauce is made of fresh, crushed tomatoes, but you can add canned, crushed tomatoes if you prefer). Spread the tomato sauce very generously. (While this recipe is for cheese pizza, if you’re adding toppings, you’ll want to layer the meat or vegetable toppings on the tomato sauce). Finally, top with lots of Parmesan cheese.

Place your pie into your Chicago brick oven and bake for 30 minutes; remove and enjoy!


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