Top 5 Outdoor Kitchen Island Accessories

Trash Chute (w/ Cutting Board)

It’s inevitable that at some point during your outdoor dinner, you will have trash. Having a place to put it is key! This trash chute comes with an attached, sliding cutting board so that while you’re doing your prep work, you can simply slide the board to reveal the trash chute & dump your odds & ends! We’ve all worked with a “garbage bowl” before, but this way ensures that you don’t have a bowl full of food trash lying around for your guests to view … or for bugs to get in!



Having cold beer on-hand at all times makes you a great host. But don’t mess with buckets full of ice anymore – get a kegerator to add to your outdoor kitchen! Let your guests poor themselves a cold one anytime they’d like … and don’t worry about running out or the drinks getting too warm! This model has a front-mounted temperature display, so you’ll always know that your brew will be ice cold.


(Double) Side Burner

If you want to make your entire meal outdoors, a side burner is a must-have accessory! Perfect for side dishes in pots or pans, this accessory means you can have your burgers & brats on the grill … with the baked beans cooking right alongside them! No need to make all the side dishes inside while running back & forth to the grill for your main dish. Stay relaxed by keeping everything easy!


Warming Drawer

It’s nearly impossible to make a dinner where everything is ready at the same time. Instead of worrying about it, use a warming drawer to keep your main dish warm while you finish cooking your side dishes … or vice versa! This warming drawer can range in temperature from 90° to 220°! It also has a setting that allows you to choose “moist” or “crisp” so that your foods will maintain their proper textures.



Whether you need to clean up a mess, keep your hands clean, or just get a cool drink of water, having a sink as part of your Outdoor Kitchen is a must! This particular sink has an included soap dispenser so you don’t have to keep a separate bottle of soap outside.


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