Grill Safety – What You Need To Check on Your Gas Grill Today

It looks like a lot of the country is going to go into a warm up over the next few days and through the weekend. If you are pulling out your grill for the first time then you will want to give it a good cleaning. (See previous posts: Deep Cleaning Your Grill Grates and Cleaning the Inside of Your Gas Grill ) Besides giving your grill a cleaning before you cook on it the first time you will also want to check items on your grill to ensure your safety this grilling season.

Check your burners. Make sure your burners on your gas grill are free of debris and there are no cracks, holes or splits. If there are you will want to replace this burner before using your grill.

Check all hoses on your gas grill. The hoses that connect your gas to your grill will need inspected. Years of use can cause them to become cracked and cause gas to leak out. If you suspect that there is any signs of this then replace the tube immediately. This is a dangerous situation.

Make sure the venturi tubes are clean and clear. Venturi tubes is the section of your gas burners that get the gas to the burner. There are special brushes that are made to clean just this part. Why you need to make sure these are clean is because if there is something in there it can cause the gas to backup and cause an explosion on startup. Small critters like spiders often find their way into these tubes.

Test your propane tank for leaks. You will want to check your propane tank for leaks either if it is still the one from last season or a new one you exchanged out for this season. To test this get a mix of soapy water and either spray it on the tank or brush it on. Watch for any bubbles coming out. If there are then that tank has a leak and you will want to take it in and get it exchanged.

Run your grill and test for leaks. Once everything is cleaned and checked put your propane tank on your grill and fire it up. Use another soapy water solution to test for any gas leaks on the tubes that connect the tank to your grill. These will be holes that would not have been noticeable when you checked it for cracks.

If you are firing up your grill for the first time this week/weekend make sure you follow these tips to make sure you have a safe grill for cooking on. For more grill safety tips to follow read this: Grill Safety Tips.

How often do you check your grill for safety?

  1. Don’t currently have a grill, so don’t have one to check–that is why I would like to win the one in your contest!

  2. Many people look over ‘safety’ and just use their grills until something goes wrong. Grills, like most other things, must be handled a particular way and ‘maintained’.

    Thanks for the reminder…. and giveaway!

  3. wow. Thank you for all the advices

  4. jennifer stewart

    Great idea with the charms…I should of thought of that!! Def in need of new grill-Thanks

  5. I’ve been nervous about buying a gas grill (safety concerns). Your blog is very helpful and makes me feel more comfortable about going with gas.

  6. Great tips our grill is quite old so I will be checking everything out.

  7. SOme of the best advice I have seen especially with summer around the corner

  8. Good pointers right before grilling season, thanks.

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