Grill Charms: Changing The Way You Grill

Grill Charms are still a relatively new grilling accessory that is gaining more popularity each year. Grill Charms were created by Leslie Haywood out of Charleston, SC and are round, stainless steel charms that distinguishes your food on your grill as you cook. The stem of the charm makes it so you can put them on your food before putting it on the grill and it won’t fall out as you flip and turn your food.

Grill Charms History

A lot of people are still unfamiliar with what a Grill Charm is, but it has been around for several years. I happened to first hear about them about 3 years ago from a show on CNBC, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch. He had a segment on the show, One Minute to Millions, where he asked two people in business about the selected persons business idea and they critiqued it if it was a good idea or not. The one gentlemen when all said and done voted it was not a big idea, the lady voted it was a big idea and Donny Deutsch voted it was a big idea. I would have to say the person that voted it was not got it wrong. If you want to see that segment it is posted here at youtube. Grill Charms – One Minute to Millions.

At that time I thought this product was a great idea, but I did forget about it until about a year later when I saw the inventor of these on tv again. This time she was on the ABC show, Shark Tank. If your not familiar with this show then head over to ABC to read about it. Shark Tank is a great show and it just started its second season last Friday, so check it out. Grill Charms left Shark Tank with a $50,000 investment from a successful internet and technology mogul, Robert Herjavec.

The Review

I finally got my hands on a set of these Grill Charms after hearing about it over 3 years ago. Each pack comes with 6 charms and come in 4 different collections: Steak Collection, Spicy Collection, Charmed Life Collection, and the Pink Collection(10% of the proceeds go to help find a cure for breast cancer). With everyone having their own preference on how they want their meat cooked on the grill these charms make life simple. You will have no doubt with these which steak is medium or medium well, which chicken has hot spices and not, which item is for someone with a food allergy. You can see that there are a lot of possibilities for these.

Grill Charms will give you the ability to cook for multiple people with different spices/marinades on each one and never have to worry about getting the wrong one. Bottom line: If you grill then you need a set of these.

You can buy them here: Grill Charms
We are also giving a set away along with a new Weber Gas Grill here:
Weber Gas Grill – Grill Charm Giveaway

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  1. :razz: :lol: I love these things – cuz I have never been able to get the char lines on my meat the way the restaurants do.

  2. I love these, they’re very clever :) I wish I had an amazing Weber Grill to throw some steaks on & these charms to go with it! I have wanted a Weber forever! :(

  3. Wow, grill charms may be just about the coolest outdoor cooking idea I’ve seen in ages!

  4. I really love your blog we love to grill we grill everything we can when we can! following @pbkup & liked on fb

  5. :cool: Gas Goooood!

  6. looks cool and i’d like to win

  7. My grill is very old & falling apart… I tweeted @misspitamarie & like you on FB. :)

  8. This is such a cool idea. My husband would love it!

  9. heh, the grill charms are legit

  10. My husband would love the grill charms. Would love to win that and a new grill for him for father’s day!

  11. My wife loves her charms for wine glasses… I would love some for my grilling!!

  12. Saw these on Shark Tank they look really cool. Will have to get some for hubby.

  13. These charms are sound awesome! I’d like to win some!

  14. Love these, and really wanna give them a try :)

  15. Nice idea. I usually separate by zones.

  16. Great Grills! I love the charm idea…because I go for WELL done!!

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