Get Your Grill in Tip Top Shape for the Winter

Closing down the pool and storing away the patio furniture is a rite of passage that marks the seasonal change from summer to fall. By spending a few minutes properly preparing your grill before you store it, you can rest assured that it will ready to use as soon as the warm weather rolls out again.

Clean it Up

When you are preparing your outdoor grilling equipment for storage during the months that you will not be using it, it is important to be very thorough about cleaning. Be sure to clean the grates and dry them completely. All food and cleaning materials should be removed under the hood and on the sides of the grill. Completely dry surfaces to reduce the possibility of rust forming. Ensuring that every speck of food and debris is removed from the grill helps to keep animals, rodents, and other pests from thinking that your grill is a great spot to take up residence.

Disconnect the Propane

While you should never store propane tanks inside your home, you still want to turn off the propane and unhook the tank before storing it near your grill. Cap the end of the outlet to the propane cylinder to prevent accidental leakage.

Remove Components

If the racks of your grill lift out, remove them and place them in a garbage bag before securing it. Tape another bag around the area where the racks are located. This will help prevent insects from nesting in your grill over the winter.

Cover it Up

Keeping your grill covered when you will not be using it through the cooler months is important, even if you will be storing it inside your garage. Covering it keeps dust and dirt from accumulating on the exterior and the interior of your grill. Rather than simply covering it, you also want to tie the cover in place. This is particularly important if you will be storing your grill outdoors or if you have a free-standing grill island.

By taking a few extra steps to prepare as the cooler weather approaches, your grill will be ready to be fired up once the warm breezes start blowing again.


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