Cleaning The Inside of Your Gas Grill

In a continuation of last weeks post on how to deep clean your grill grates we are going to show you how to clean the inside of your grill. Cleaning the inside of your grill will vary from a charcoal grill to a gas grill. The cleaning in the post is with a gas grill.

I unfortunately neglected my grill over the years and failed to ever really clean it. I would say a lot of people do this. Get a grill, cook the food, brush the grates off for the next use and that is the extent of cleaning. Not cleaning the inside of a gas grill can quickly become a fire hazard.

As small pieces of food and grease fall down to the bottom they burn up some and then become hard after the grill cools. Then the next time you go grill it does this again and continues to build up the gunk. These pieces can catch on fire as your cooking and if one of those pieces falls down to the grease drip pan then you could start a pretty dangerous fire. You definitely do not want this. This is why you want to give the inside of your grill a good cleaning each year and always empty out your drip pan as needed during the cooking season.

As long as you keep up with cleaning the inside of your grill on a regular basis it won’t take long to do.

  1. Remove your grill grates.
  2. Scrape of any loose debris from your heat plates or heat tents that are covering your burners.
  3. If they are really bad you can soak these in a soapy/baking soda mix for an hour and scrub.
  4. Brush or scrape all loose debris on the bottom of your grill into the removable catch all pan.
  5. Remove the pan and dump out all the debris.
  6. If the inside is still very dirty you can spray it with a grill cleaner and let it sit then scrub/brush the inside. If you do this you will want to hose out the inside.
  7. Put the catch all pan back.
  8. Put the heat plates/heat tents back over the burners.
  9. Put the grill grates back.

Find more information on: Cleaning Your Grill.

How often do you give the inside of your grill a good cleaning?

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  1. Joanne Schultz

    You are right – I always took care of cleaning the grill grates, but ignored the rest of the grill.
    I’ll do better with my next grill – hopefully the one I win from your giveaway :-)

  2. I don’t think we ever cleaned our grill this well but I intend to do it now. Thank you, this was very informative!

  3. I do this every year at the last cooking before I turn off the propane tank and put the cover on. Good tip with the soaking in Soap/Baking Soda.

  4. Charline Williams

    It is very important that we clean our grills effectively.

  5. I own a 25-year-old Weber charcoal grill, so I cannot get parts for it anymore. I would love to try the gas grill next. I love my charcoal grill. I think I will either use it as an ice bucket for cold drinks or turn it in to a plantar. It definitely still has a useful life ahead and will be a conversation piece! :grin:

  6. We usually clean our grill once a year, but the grill is getting pretty old – time for a new one!

  7. Margaret Smith

    Very interesting. We seldom clean our grill and will start with the help of your advice. Thanks.

  8. One of the ways I clean my grill is after each use, I put it on high and use a wire brush to remove all the baked on foods and allow it to burn off…I usually clean my grill several times a year only because we tend to get those pesky spiders that nest and clog up the propane hoses.

  9. :razz:
    If I had a grill I would clean it yearly.

  10. I never knew how to clean them and was considering paying someone to help me – my husband always did the grilling and since he passed away it’s up to me but I’m still learning – thanks for the explanation -

  11. I really should take better care of my grill..would last a heck of a lot longer for me.

  12. Bagirathi Munusamy

    We never did clean the grates and it has become so bad. We thought of getting a new grates. But after reading the blog, I will try to clean it first. Thanks for the tips. :wink:

  13. We brush our grill off before we use it each time, but I have never given it a thorough cleaning.

  14. cathy miller / rewcath

    Cleaning the Grill, it’s the task no one wants to do but you have spelled out step by step the proper way to go this so no more excuses for me

  15. Our grills one ucky mess, havent gotten it out this year

  16. Meredith Peters

    Weber Grills are a tradition for 4 generations in our family! This one would be a serious upgrade!

  17. thanks for the great cleaning tips. I do most of them but a few were new to me that I will start doing

  18. Theresa Jenkins

    At the begining of each season

  19. great info on cleaning grill

  20. After grilling, I leave the grill heat up for another 5 minutes to burn up whatever is left, then take my grill spatula and scrape the grill down so all the leftover food falls onto the rocks or flame. This keeps the grilling surface clean and is very fast and easy.

  21. I’m guilty of neglecting my grill. I scrape it off before and after each use, but nothing with soap & water.

  22. I know we’ve never cleaned the inside of our grill, just the grates. I wonder if this is why we need a grill every 2 years, I thought it was because we grill year round.

  23. wow, thank for the visuals, makes me want to go clean my grill.


    @dave01568 tweeted. I like to clean my grill but it’s too rusted. My next grill will have a cover.

  25. Big thanks for the tips on cleaning the grill to keep things sanitary and safe! :cool:

  26. Hopefully I will get a grill this year. Everyone year I say I will get one then don’t. Thanks for the tips.

  27. my husband cleans the grill thoroughly yearly–right after the last use of the year so that way it’s ready for spring fire up!

  28. I used my hand held steam cleaner the last time I cleaned my grill. It sure made quick work of it.

  29. You gotta clean it, so important!

  30. Good tips. Thanks for the contest! :grin:

  31. Barbara Richards

    I have never had my own grill so I don’t know much about cleaning one but I’m willing to learn.I may just have to go purchase one.Thanks for the giveaway!

  32. :cool: ready for warm weather and outdoor activities!

  33. Kenneth Peters

    Well, Now I know! Thanks!

  34. would love to win a new grill

  35. I do better now cleaning my grill I didnt know it really needs to be clean but it would be sweet if it had a self cleaning button like my oven lol

  36. Thanks for the great tips! My grill tends to get neglected! lol

  37. We just have a camping grill and we can it whenever we use it.

  38. Excellent post! I am emailing my husband a link to this blog. There is far too much for me to try to tell him. And besides I want him to try some of the burger recipes in another post. Thank you SO much.

  39. Not often enough. Now I know the right way to clean my OLD OLD OLD grill. Hint!!lol

  40. Don’t forget to clean the drip catcher. Ours caught on fire one spring. It’s going to snow again here. April 19.

  41. Thanks for the great grilling cleaning tips! Very informative!

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