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Top Safety Tips for Grilling


Here at Gas Grills Now, we understand how much you love getting your grill out and cooking up some yummy food during the warmer parts of the year. For those of you who are grilling enthusiasts, you probably even fire up the grill during the colder months just so you can get that great tasting steak you love so much.

While grilling out any time of the year is great, it’s always important to make sure you are doing it in a safe manner. Fortunately, staying safe while grilling isn’t a hard task to accomplish. Let’s take a minute to look at some helpful safety tips you should always follow when firing up your grill.

Tip #1: Always have a fire extinguisher close by

When you decide to do a little grilling, you are literally inviting fire onto your back porch or wherever it is that you are grilling, and we all know how damaging fire can get if it’s not properly tended. Even when doing your best to keep your grill’s fire under control, there’s always the chance that it could get out of hand, so always keep a fire extinguisher close by.

Tip #2: Always turn off the gas

If you’re using a gas grill, make sure you turn the gas valve off on the propane tank each and every time that you get finished grilling. Even if you plan on coming back 20 minutes later to do some more grilling, keep the valve off until you’re ready to do your grilling, and once you turn it on, make sure you “babysit” your grill.

Tip #3: Avoid using lighter fluid to light charcoal grills

Do you have a charcoal grill?  If so, do your best to avoid using lighter fluid to light it. Lighting charcoal with lighter fluid tends to cause more injuries than flare-ups on gas grills do.

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Gas Grill Safety 101

Grill fire

When the right person is holding the spatula, a gas grill can cook up some mean chicken, steaks, and burgers. However, many grill-masters light up more than their grill every year because they fail to follow basic safety guidelines. Prove to your friends and family who the true king or queen of the grill is by putting safety first.

Keep the grill away from the house. Ten feet is an acceptable distance if you want to prevent an out-of-control grill fire from reaching your home. The 10 foot distance also applies to awnings, carports, or other structures attached to your home.

Inspect the grill often. Bugs can crawl in the nooks and crannies of the grill and obstruct the flow of the fuel. In addition, leaks and cracks in the hoses, valves, and other parts can affect the fuel path. When fuel flows in the wrong place, or parts aren’t functioning properly, it can lead to a fire.

Keep kids away. Kids can easily bump into a smoldering grill and burn themselves. The National Fire Protection Agency estimates that more than a quarter of grill burns happen to youngsters under the age of five. When kids hang around a gas grill, they might also knock it over and send some sparks or flames into your yard.

Don’t store your LP cylinder indoors. If you store your gas grill in a garage or shed, remove the LP cylinder and store it outside.

Never turn on the gas with the lid closed. This can cause gas to build up in your grill. Then, when you light it, a fireball could explode and cause serious burns to your face and body.

In addition to the above safety tips, never leave a hot gas grill unattended. If you need to step away from the grill, have a responsible adult keep an eye on it for you.


Top Safety Tips On Grill Use for Homeowners

When families get together, they usually like to cook out and spend some time playing games and having fun. To help keep everyone safe and satisfied, there are some things that you will want to do when it comes to your grill. Take the time to follow these simple tips to keep you and your family safe when using your grill.

Safety Tips to Know When Using Your Grill

  • Before lighting the grill, you will want to make sure that there is nothing around the burners that can catch on fire. Once you have cleared all the debris from the burners, go ahead and light your grill.
  • Examine the hoses that run from the burner to the gas tank under the grill for any cracks or signs of damage.
  • Be sure to follow the instructions when lighting your grill. If you are using a propane grill, do not keep the gas on too long before lighting or you could get burned. A charcoal grill can flare up if you use too much starter fluid.
  • Get the grill to full temperature before cooking any food. Some foods have to reach a certain temperature before they can be eaten. You will also want to keep the temperature of the grilling surface at an even temperature to avoid burning parts of the food.
  • When your food is ready to come off the grill, use the proper tools to avoid burning your hands.
  • Do not use the same plate that previously held raw meat. Use a clean plate to place the cooked meat to avoid contaminating your newly-cooked food.
  • When you are finished cooking, shut the gas off and allow the flames to go out. Close the lid to avoid any accidental burns on the hot surface.

Grill safety is a top priority when getting together with family and friends. If you follow these simple tips, you can avoid any unnecessary trouble. The grilling season is a time of fun so be safe and keep your grill working safely.