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Breaking in Your New Gas Grill

Grill Setup

When you first get your new gas grill, you’ll probably want to get started cooking delicious steaks, burgers, and barbecued chicken right away. However, prepping beforehand can make a huge difference in grill performance, so follow these steps to break in your grill first before you invite everyone over.

Grill Setup

Setup Time

Take some time to read the manual before you set up your new gas grill and make sure you have everything assembled properly before using it. Perform a leak test by mixing up a solution of half water and half dish soap and then painting the solution over all welds, connectors, and valves between the tank and the grill itself. Turn on the propane but leave the grill controls off and observe the gas lines to make sure that no bubbles form, which could indicate a propane gas leak.

Burn Off Factory Coatings

Dust from packaging and protective coatings on the metal surfaces needs to be burned off before you use your grill for cooking. To burn off any debris, simply turn your empty grill on, close the lid, and let it burn for 20 to 30 minutes. Then open the lid and let it continue to burn for another five minutes before shutting the grill off completely.

Seasoning Your Grill

Many experienced grill masters prefer to season the grill before the first grilling session. Buy some chunks of bacon or pork fat from your local butcher and freeze them before use. Turn your grill on high, then use your tongs to rub the frozen chunks on the hot grates to impart a natural nonstick coating. You can also put fatty bacon in an old cast iron skillet, set it on the grill and add a little barbecue sauce or water when the bacon stops smoking. Close the lid and let it steam for a few minutes to infuse your entire grill with a rich scent that will manifest every time you use the grill.


Benefits of Using Products from Gas Grills Now

Today’s cooking task is a thrilling experience thanks to the products from Gas Grills Now. Our products are designed to meet the diverse needs of the users. By using our gas grills, you save time while maintaining the hygiene of your place. We provide a wide range of items from which you can select the product that meets your demands. These items include moderate sized grills that are suitable for individuals with a small family size. They also include larger grills for people who like to entertain large groups.

Our products have unique characteristics. This makes them a must-have asset in the house. They have fuel gauges that enable the user to monitor gas usage. This helps in planning for refilling promptly. They also have control knobs that give out light of their own. The light is enough to offer guidance accordingly. They also make use of electronic igniters. This makes them easy to use, thus saving greatly on time.

Products from Gas Grills Now tend to have rounded ends. This is helpful in minimizing home mishaps as a result of sharp edges. These gas grills have durable burners, hence we can be sure to use them for more than five years without replacement. What an awesome way of saving money!

We make food preparation a fascinating affair. This is made possible by the adjustable shelves that are also easy to clean.

Our products provide an exciting and safe outdoor cooking experience. This is attributed to the ability to use infrared instead of the more-common open flames. This leads to fast results while at the same time producing tasty meals.

You can call us or visit our website if you would like more information. We have a display of products that match the expectations of many.


Should I Get a Freestanding or Built In Grill for My Backyard?

freestanding grill

A grill in your backyard is a great thing to have. It allows you to barbeque delicious food whenever you want, whether it’s for a small family gathering or for a large party. However, there are many different grills on the market, and it is important to choose the one that will best fit your specific needs before making a purchase. One of the most important considerations is whether to get a freestanding or built in grill. Each has its own set of advantages that work best for different situations.

Freestanding Grill:


Freestanding grills are highly mobile and allow you to store them when they are not in use. They are easy to clean, and are typically less expensive than a built in grill because there is no need to install them anywhere.

On the other hand, freestanding grills tend to be less powerful than their built in counterparts, which can make them more difficult to use for parties where large quantities of food need to be cooked quickly.



Built in Grill:

Built in grills tend to be more powerful, which makes them perfect for large parties with lots of food. They also tend to be better insulated, which means they will cook food hotter and faster than a freestanding grill. They can also be aesthetically pleasing if they fit in with the overall theme of your outdoor kitchen.

However, built in grills tend to cost more due to the need to install them into an outdoor kitchen. They can be an added bonus if you sell your house, though.



Both options are great, and the right one for you depends on what you plan to do with it. Factors to consider are mobility, cost, capacity, and power.


Protect Your Gas Grill in Winter to Enjoy it in Summer

When winter comes, many package their gas grill and grilling tools for the cold months until a warm spring day comes back again. However, a good grill cook takes care of his equipment, even when it means lying dormant during the winter months.

The first step is to start in the fall before the cold sets in with moisture and rain. This involves pulling apart all the grill components and thoroughly cleaning each one. This can be done by heating up the grill grates so that every bit of food is powderized and burned off. Then, when cooled, the residue can be easily removed with a variety of tools including scrapers, wire brushes, and other similar tools.

Grease and grit will still be left. The second phase involves using a good amount of soap and water to break down the oils and fat. This will allow you to clean out the hard-to-reach parts that can trap residue and create hot spots. While giving the grill a good scrubbing, removing the grates is a good idea for internal access to the BBQ pit.

With the inside of the BBQ cleaned out, it’s time to work on the outside. The same soap and water cleaning should be performed, removing all the oil, carbon, and grease layered around the controls, sides, and flat surfaces of the grill.

When the outside is cleaned and dried, examine the surface condition. If the paint is peeling or gone, it’s time to sand the area and re-coat it with a high-temperature spray paint.

After the cleaning is finished, it’s a good idea to check all the hoses and junctions for any cracks or aging. Old gas lines are a serious risk, and winterizing is a good time to replace them.

Finally, cover the grill with a good, waterproof grill cover. A decent one can be found at better-equipped hardware stores or BBQ specialty supplier, like Gas Grills Now. Now, with the grill prepared for winter, it’s time to start marking days on the calendar until grilling time is back again.


Top Safety Tips On Grill Use for Homeowners

When families get together, they usually like to cook out and spend some time playing games and having fun. To help keep everyone safe and satisfied, there are some things that you will want to do when it comes to your grill. Take the time to follow these simple tips to keep you and your family safe when using your grill.

Safety Tips to Know When Using Your Grill

  • Before lighting the grill, you will want to make sure that there is nothing around the burners that can catch on fire. Once you have cleared all the debris from the burners, go ahead and light your grill.
  • Examine the hoses that run from the burner to the gas tank under the grill for any cracks or signs of damage.
  • Be sure to follow the instructions when lighting your grill. If you are using a propane grill, do not keep the gas on too long before lighting or you could get burned. A charcoal grill can flare up if you use too much starter fluid.
  • Get the grill to full temperature before cooking any food. Some foods have to reach a certain temperature before they can be eaten. You will also want to keep the temperature of the grilling surface at an even temperature to avoid burning parts of the food.
  • When your food is ready to come off the grill, use the proper tools to avoid burning your hands.
  • Do not use the same plate that previously held raw meat. Use a clean plate to place the cooked meat to avoid contaminating your newly-cooked food.
  • When you are finished cooking, shut the gas off and allow the flames to go out. Close the lid to avoid any accidental burns on the hot surface.

Grill safety is a top priority when getting together with family and friends. If you follow these simple tips, you can avoid any unnecessary trouble. The grilling season is a time of fun so be safe and keep your grill working safely.


Get Your Grill in Tip Top Shape for the Winter

Closing down the pool and storing away the patio furniture is a rite of passage that marks the seasonal change from summer to fall. By spending a few minutes properly preparing your grill before you store it, you can rest assured that it will ready to use as soon as the warm weather rolls out again.

Clean it Up

When you are preparing your outdoor grilling equipment for storage during the months that you will not be using it, it is important to be very thorough about cleaning. Be sure to clean the grates and dry them completely. All food and cleaning materials should be removed under the hood and on the sides of the grill. Completely dry surfaces to reduce the possibility of rust forming. Ensuring that every speck of food and debris is removed from the grill helps to keep animals, rodents, and other pests from thinking that your grill is a great spot to take up residence.

Disconnect the Propane

While you should never store propane tanks inside your home, you still want to turn off the propane and unhook the tank before storing it near your grill. Cap the end of the outlet to the propane cylinder to prevent accidental leakage.

Remove Components

If the racks of your grill lift out, remove them and place them in a garbage bag before securing it. Tape another bag around the area where the racks are located. This will help prevent insects from nesting in your grill over the winter.

Cover it Up

Keeping your grill covered when you will not be using it through the cooler months is important, even if you will be storing it inside your garage. Covering it keeps dust and dirt from accumulating on the exterior and the interior of your grill. Rather than simply covering it, you also want to tie the cover in place. This is particularly important if you will be storing your grill outdoors or if you have a free-standing grill island.

By taking a few extra steps to prepare as the cooler weather approaches, your grill will be ready to be fired up once the warm breezes start blowing again.


Three Steps to a Multisensory Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living spaces provide unique opportunities for relaxing and entertaining. One of the major benefits of being outdoors is the multi-sensory experience. Before choosing enhancements for your outdoor living area, study the sensory experience that already exists. Spend time in the space at the different times of day that you will be using it to notice the sounds, sights, and yes, the smells that are a part of the environment.

1. Make connections.


You might view tree branches or boulders as things you need to work around. Instead, consider working them in to your décor! You can create a more integrated space by creating visual connections between natural structures to manufactured structures. For example, if your space includes boulders or rocks choose garden planters and pots that have similar colors and geometrics. Create tactile connections by using containers, furniture, and garden sculptures that mimic the textures in the surrounding landscape.


Garden suppliers like Pink Red Kelly have hundreds of planting containers that range from formal to rustic. Look for ones that mirror the shapes, textures, or hues in the surrounding landscape.

2. Go greener.


If you’re working in your garden, you’re already obviously a fan of nature. Taking care of the environment, especially your own personal one can be creatively exhilarating. In order to make your garden greener, use natural materials and create a peaceful place to sit, listen, and enjoy the sounds of the earth. Minimize interference traffic noise, and mitigate exhaust odors with strategically placed trellises or screens.


Water features and garden wind chimes can create soothing background sounds that will further draw attention from neighborhood noise. Even the coziest outdoor space can accommodate one of the many container fountains currently on the market.

3. Reduce stress.


It may seem counterintuitive, but including a clock in your outdoor space can actually reduce stress. You are unlikely to fully enjoy your outdoor experience if you are constantly worrying about what time it is. Decorative outdoor clocks come in a range of attractive styles and sizes. A quick glance at your beautiful garden clock will reassure you that you have plenty of time to keep enjoying the great outdoors.


In today’s busy go, go go, it’s nice to sit outside in your garden, take a minute for yourself and relax. Listen to the calming sound of the wind through your chimes. Enjoy the smell and sights of nature. You’ll feel better, and those few moments in your garden will be the breath of fresh air you’ve needed—literally.

Jessica writes about a wide variety of topics.  She especially enjoys writing about furniture. You can learn more about Garden Planters And Pots at


Going Out to Eat Doesn’t Mean You Have to Let Someone Else Work the Grill

If you live in – or visit – Orange County, CA (specifically Los Alamitos), the Joint Forces Training Center there does something a little unusual. At an eatery named Fiddler’s Green, diners can grill their own meats! The restaurant is open to the public and the proceeds (the restaurant is a non-profit) go back to the base.

Their website says you can “Be the Chief by cooking your own Barbequed Meat on the built-in Gas Grills.” They are open for lunch M-F from 11am-2pm & dinner M-Sat from 3:30pm to 11pm. Their lunch menu features sandwiches, burgers, and salads but if you’re interested in the DIY-BBQ-at-a-restaurant, you’ll have to wait ’til dinner! Cooking utensils are provided.

A map of the base, with Fiddler's Green highlighted (Top Left Corner) - Click for a closer view

Interested? Head on out to 4745 Yorktown Ave. At the security gate, you’ll have to present your driver’s license and tell the guard you’re going to Fiddler’s Green, Building 19.

A reviewer on Yelp says the bratwurst is recommended. She also points out that since you’re playing grill master, you can’t really complain if your meat is underdone or overdone. Brilliant on the restaurant’s part, I have to say!

Personally, I love this idea! It’s like one step up from the restaurants where you pick your food and they grill it right in front of you. Gotta love it when somebody takes it to the next level!

Have heard of other cook-it-yourself restaurants? What do you think of the idea?


What is Your Favorite Type of Steak?

A couple days ago I showed you how to take a cheap steak and turn it into a high quality prime steak. Everyone has their opinions on what is their favorite steak or what is the best steak. Today I wan to start a poll to find out what really is the most common “favorite” steak around. Once enough data is gathered I will work on a post for a recipe cooking this steak to perfection.

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Grill Tip: Wind & Your Grill

I just experienced this last night when grilling out steaks. It was a windy evening and when I grill steaks I like to have the internal temperature of the grill somewhere around 450-500 degrees. With the wind whipping across my grill I could only get it to roughly 325 degrees and several times the wind blew out the flame completely on my gas grill. This caused all the cooking times to be pushed way back. Nothing more frustrating when planning other dishes and the time gets all thrown all out of sync. It was pretty much impossible to get any nice grill marks on the food as well.

Grill Tip: When grilling take the wind direction into consideration. On a windy day you will want your grill to be blocked from the wind as much as possible. Wind cutting across your grill will cause it to not get as hot as needed. If you have a wide open space and there is no way to position the grill from the wind, consider adding some landscaping that can block the wind from your grilling area.

I already have plans this year to put in a living fence that should block some of the wind on those windy days.

Is your grill protected from the wind when grilling?