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Using Dry Spice Rubs to Enhance Your Outdoor Grilling

Grilling meats whether flat on a grill or on a rotisserie is a whole different ballgame than baking or broiling meats in an oven. While grilling is the most similar to broiling, adding flavor and retaining moisture in meats while grilling is more difficult. The extra effort is worth it though, because anything cooked outdoors on a grill is more delicious.

Grilled Porkchops with Dry Rub

One of the problems when cooking on a grill is retaining added flavor to meats. Since grills cook through flame, it is easy to burn off marinades and spices. An easy and tasty solution is to use a dry rub marinade to flavor meats. You can flavor vegetables this way too, but they don’t absorb the flavor as much as meats do.

A dry rub is exactly what it sounds like: a dry mixture of herbs and spices that is rubbed into the surface of the meat. To create the juiciest piece of meat, it is best to first take your fish, chicken, turkey, pork or beef and rinse and clean the meat. Next, spray it lightly with an oil spray. (We like to use olive oil.) Pat the meat lightly with a paper towel to absorb excess moisture. Then take the spice rub in your hand – about a teaspoon at a time – and rub it into the surface of the meat on both sides. (Fish is the exception for this because you don’t need to turn it over on the grill.) With a dry rub, you can cook your meat immediately or let it sit in your refrigerator for 30 to 60 minutes to absorb the flavor.

When you are ready to cook, grill as you normally would. The oil keeps in the moisture and the flavor rub stays on the meat and does not drop or burn off.

You can buy ready-made spice rubs or you can make your own from common herbs and spices. Remember to use dry herbs not fresh herbs for this grilling method. You will find that certain combinations of herbs and spices work better with fish while others work better with beef or chicken. You can vary the intensity of the flavor by using more or less of the rub. You can alter ingredients until you find the perfect blend for your taste buds.

Here is a recipe for you to try from Cooking Light:

Mexican Mole Rub


1 tablespoon water
2 teaspoons instant
espresso powder
2 teaspoons smoked paprika
1 teaspoon unsweetened cocoa
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon olive oil
1/4 teaspoon salt


Combine water and espresso powder in a small bowl, stirring until espresso dissolves. Stir in paprika, cocoa, cumin, olive oil, and salt.

Ready to try this recipe on your own grill?

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From Appetizer to Dessert

Pizza on the grill

As you break out the grill for the spring and summer season, creativity and a willingness to try new ideas will give you the opportunity to plan entire meals on the grill without leaving a mess in the kitchen.

Using new tools or gadgets that are already in your kitchen will give you the ability to move beyond hot dogs and hamburgers. In addition, you can get creative with a wider variety of ethnic and unusual ingredients available in the grocery stores. Grills and grill accessories have changed, and tastes have changed as well.

Some of the most popular tools to use on the grill are the griddle and pizza stone. These can easily be incorporated with a grill. A wok on the barbecue adds a new dimension for using it as a vessel for cioppino, soup, or steaming shellfish in white wine.

Cooking everything from appetizers to dessert on the grill gives you the chance to be outdoors more. You can grill marinated vegetables, shrimp, bruschetta or fruit. Peaches, nectarines, and other stone fruits develop a deep caramelized flavor that pairs with crème fraiche and drizzled honey for dessert.

In fact, desserts can be the most surprising option for the barbecue. With desserts, keep in mind that a grill with indirect heat works like an oven. You can prepare a berry cobbler and place it in the middle of the grate to bake while having dinner. Molten lava cakes bake well in muffin tins when placed in the barbecue with the lid down. It is a very impressive way to entertain friends.

Several tips will help you use the grill for an entire meal. It is best to set up two zones for heat, one direct and one indirect. In addition, to aid heat circulation, avoid overcrowding the cooking area. This might take a little planning or a larger grill. Finally, remember the lid. When the lid is down, the grate heats up better for searing and the food cooks more quickly and tastes smokier.

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Enjoy Your Grill All Summer in Your Culinary Man Cave

Culinary man cave

Spring is finally here, so it’s time to spend much more time outside, using the grill and hanging with family. But why should you choose between your man cave and fresh air? Make your man cave in the back yard for the best of both worlds! Spending time with family and friends while kicked back in your own outdoor kitchen is a summertime pleasure.

The kitchen is a family room, but it often gets too hot and stuffy in the summer while all of the fun is in the back yard. Creating a man cave for those months when it is just too stunning outside to stay indoors can be easy and affordable with a little imagination.

Tips For Creating Your Own Outdoor Culinary Man Cave

  • Think outside the box. Because you are actually outside of the confines of the house with walls and doors to restrict placement, you do not need to make your outdoor kitchen exactly like you would indoors. Think about how the space will be used, and place each and every element where you will use them. Consider the sunset, where the kids will be playing, where the football game will be playing and set up the gas grill and work space according to your own needs.
  • Choose a grill that suits your culinary style. Do you like the taste of flame licked meat? Or do you prefer a slower cooked smoked brisket? Each of these delicious flavors comes from different cooking techniques; not all grills are created equal, so be sure to get the perfect one for your needs.
  • Technology is key for enjoying your time in your outdoor man cave. Weather-proof materials and LED lighting will make the time spent cooking more comfortable and efficient. Indoor conveniences such as a refrigerator and fan are made to tolerate outside conditions as long as they are protected from direct rain. The most important bit of technology for an outdoor man cave is a large television to watch the game on. Today, televisions are made to tolerate the temperature extremes of outdoors, but they must be kept from rain and direct sun rays.
  • Add accessories such as heaters or fire pits, and wind blocks to enable outdoor use of your culinary man cave in the harsher months.

Picture this: you are standing at the grill surrounded by all the conveniences of a kitchen, with your kids running in the grass, and the game on in the background. Everyone is enjoying the weather, and you are surrounded by family and friends, while still enjoying the game outside the confines your den. What are you waiting for? Can you smell the BBQ already?

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Top Safety Tips for Grilling


Here at Gas Grills Now, we understand how much you love getting your grill out and cooking up some yummy food during the warmer parts of the year. For those of you who are grilling enthusiasts, you probably even fire up the grill during the colder months just so you can get that great tasting steak you love so much.

While grilling out any time of the year is great, it’s always important to make sure you are doing it in a safe manner. Fortunately, staying safe while grilling isn’t a hard task to accomplish. Let’s take a minute to look at some helpful safety tips you should always follow when firing up your grill.

Tip #1: Always have a fire extinguisher close by

When you decide to do a little grilling, you are literally inviting fire onto your back porch or wherever it is that you are grilling, and we all know how damaging fire can get if it’s not properly tended. Even when doing your best to keep your grill’s fire under control, there’s always the chance that it could get out of hand, so always keep a fire extinguisher close by.

Tip #2: Always turn off the gas

If you’re using a gas grill, make sure you turn the gas valve off on the propane tank each and every time that you get finished grilling. Even if you plan on coming back 20 minutes later to do some more grilling, keep the valve off until you’re ready to do your grilling, and once you turn it on, make sure you “babysit” your grill.

Tip #3: Avoid using lighter fluid to light charcoal grills

Do you have a charcoal grill?  If so, do your best to avoid using lighter fluid to light it. Lighting charcoal with lighter fluid tends to cause more injuries than flare-ups on gas grills do.

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Up Your Grilling Game with Accessories that Let You Do More

Rotisserie Chickens

You’ve mastered burgers, steaks, and even the occasional veggie dish on the grill … but you can up your grilling game even further and impress your friends and family by using gas grill accessories that let you make even more great meals outdoors. Here are a few of the best accessories for crafting delectable dishes that people will be surprised to learn you made on the grill.

Rotisserie Kits

Rotisserie kits let you produce a bird right on the grill that has juicy tenderness inside and a crisp outer crust. While chicken is the traditional meat of choice for a rotisserie, you can also use your kit to cook a perfectly grilled duck or a tender beef roast. You can also get a specialized turkey holder to prepare your holiday feast on the grill.

Griddle Plate Attachments

You probably haven’t considered making fried eggs or pancakes on your grill, but with a griddle plate attachment, you can easily prepare tasty breakfast foods and other griddle-friendly meals without having to head indoors. These handy stainless steel accessories attach to your grill surface or side burners to create a flat surface perfect for cooking everything from fried bacon to spicy fajitas.

Rib Racks

Your gas grill is great at cooking things hot and fast, but you can also slow things down with the right accessory and make slow-cooked ribs on the grill. Rib racks work by holding the meat high above the grill surface so the heat is less intense. You can cook a whole rack of baby back ribs or beef ribs on an easy-to-clean rack, or you can go exotic with venison or lamb ribs prepared in your own backyard.


Get That Wood Smoked Flavor On Your Grill

Looking forward to dinner

When you’re ready to step up your grilling game, it’s time to put out some smoked meats like the experts do. When smoked on your grill, beef, pork, chicken, or fish come out tender, juicy, and infused with that smoky flavor that you can get only from the grill. Smoking is economical and you can do it with almost any grill. Try it this spring and you’ll have the whole neighborhood coming over to see what’s cookin’!

Smoking: The Basics

All you need are some wood chips or chunks, something to hold them, and a good thermometer. Smoked meat is done at a low temperature for several hours. Even a tough cut of beef becomes tender when smoked this way.

Preparing the Wood Chips

Different types of wood give you different flavors. Mesquite and pecan are considered heavy woods and give you a strong smoke flavor. Fruit woods, such as apple and cherry, are lighter flavors. The most common wood chips used for backyard smoking are oak and hickory. You can find these at BBQ grill shops and many supermarkets. If you’re cutting your own chips, don’t use softwoods, such as pine, or pressure treated lumber.

The wood chips should be soaked in water for one hour. Let them drain for a few minutes then place them in a fireproof container. A smoker box is perfect. Your gas grill might have a smoker box made just for it that will fit down by the burners. You could also choose to use a small aluminum foil pan. If using the foil pan, place it on one of the grill grates.

Preparing the Grill

With the wood chips in place on the grill, turn the grill on high and close the cover. When you start to get a good amount of smoke coming out, reduce the heat to 250 to 275 degrees. Once the grill has cooled down to that temp, put the meat on the grill grates. You can cover the grates with your food of choice because they will cook from the overall temperature within the grill, not from the flames beneath. So pile on the chicken breasts, turkey legs, and spare ribs!

Smaller pieces of meat such as chicken legs and wings can cook in as little as four hours. Most larger pieces will require six to eight hours. It will be well worth the wait! Since smoked meat can have a pink color, but still be cooked throughout, use a meat thermometer to make sure it’s at the right temperature and safe to eat.

By the time you’ve tried various types of wood chips and cuts of meat, you’ll have a new set of favorite spring and summer grilling recipes. Be patient and you might find that smoking with your grill is your first choice for cooking outdoors.


Bring Your Kitchen Outside and Enjoy Cooking Again

Outdoor Kitchen

Okay just say it, you’re over winter already and honestly, who can blame you? Depending on where you live in the country, you might still be getting hit with winter’s fury in the form of bitter cold temperatures and an onslaught of freezing rain … and enough snow to build your own ski resort.

But whether you live in the frigid climates of Montana or the warmth of Arizona, if you enjoy cooking, there’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy it all the more with a custom-built outdoor kitchen.

Whether you’re a backyard barbeque diva or a culinary chef, there’s nothing like cooking your favorite meals outside in a custom-designed outdoor kitchen.

The first thing to do is sit down and decide what you want to accomplish with the space you’re going to use for your outdoor kitchen. Is it going to be a space that holds your kitchen and a seating area, or is it going to be specially designed to be an all-inclusive entertainment gathering?

Once you’ve figured out how your space is going to be used, and you’ve at least planned out the best use for the space you have, it’s time to select an outdoor kitchen that is tailor-made to suit your specific cooking needs.

The best place to start your outdoor kitchen planning is by visiting our website and selecting from our full range of custom outdoor kitchen islands.

Our full line of Gas Grill products includes the following brands:

  • American Outdoor Grill
  • Lazy Man
  • PCM
  • Lion Premium Grills
  • Primo Grills and Smokers
  • Memphis Grills
  • Bayou Classic

Whether you’re looking for something simple like the Lion Sensational Q Shell that allows you to select from several base styles and your choice of four different grill selections, or something fabulous like the Lion Commercial Shell which comes with more kitchen work space thanks to two separate countertops … we have it all! Once you’ve selected an island that fits your needs, it’s time to finish your outdoor space.

Let your imagination run wild, as you add outdoor dining furniture or a little island bar to serve up island-themed drinks. Then sit back and enjoy a movie around a seating area with its own fire pit to keep you and your guests warm and comfy while watching a movie on a big screen, theater-sized television.

Come on, it’s time to change your attitude and start enjoying your outdoor space right now with a new outdoor island kitchen from


Building the Perfect Patio Grilling Station

Grilling Station

This year, instead of wheeling that rusty old grill out of the garage every time you want to entertain, create a grilling station on your patio. You’ll be at the center of the food and activities at every backyard party. The best part is you’ll have everything you need right there to create your favorite dishes without running back and forth to the house.

Build Around a Grill Island

Your grilling station will center around the grill island: your primary preparation station. Start your project by looking over the options you have for a grill island. GasGrillsNow has a variety of styles and designs – from a simple grill and counter to an entire kitchenette with sink, dishwasher, and refrigerator. Your choice depends on budget, how often you’ll use it, and how independent you want to be of the main house.

Allow for Plenty of Workspace

You’ll want at least a couple of countertops to work on. This lets you spread out your ingredients and supplies and assemble your dishes next to the grill. You’ll no longer have to do this in the kitchen and bring out large platters of items ready for the grill. You’ll enjoy being out with the party while you work your grilling magic. People will get a thrill out of watching the master grill chef in action.

Supplies in Reach

Make or buy storage to hold all of your grilling tools, knives, and serving tools. Find waterproof storage to hold all of your rubs and spices. You’ll want everything in reach to save on trips back to the house. Make sure the storage locks so you can keep your supplies at your grilling station throughout the summer.

Places for People

One of your work counters can double as a bar where people can sit, eat, or drink. Find some tall stools that you can leave out in the weather to go around the counter.

Consider a firepit near the grilling station. Surround it with a stone wall that people can sit on, or put benches out that people can move around as needed.

The right grilling station design will give people the chance to sample a grilled summer feast while mingling with friends and family. You’ll know you’ve got it right when people ask you as they leave “When are you having your next party?”


Gas Grill Safety 101

Grill fire

When the right person is holding the spatula, a gas grill can cook up some mean chicken, steaks, and burgers. However, many grill-masters light up more than their grill every year because they fail to follow basic safety guidelines. Prove to your friends and family who the true king or queen of the grill is by putting safety first.

Keep the grill away from the house. Ten feet is an acceptable distance if you want to prevent an out-of-control grill fire from reaching your home. The 10 foot distance also applies to awnings, carports, or other structures attached to your home.

Inspect the grill often. Bugs can crawl in the nooks and crannies of the grill and obstruct the flow of the fuel. In addition, leaks and cracks in the hoses, valves, and other parts can affect the fuel path. When fuel flows in the wrong place, or parts aren’t functioning properly, it can lead to a fire.

Keep kids away. Kids can easily bump into a smoldering grill and burn themselves. The National Fire Protection Agency estimates that more than a quarter of grill burns happen to youngsters under the age of five. When kids hang around a gas grill, they might also knock it over and send some sparks or flames into your yard.

Don’t store your LP cylinder indoors. If you store your gas grill in a garage or shed, remove the LP cylinder and store it outside.

Never turn on the gas with the lid closed. This can cause gas to build up in your grill. Then, when you light it, a fireball could explode and cause serious burns to your face and body.

In addition to the above safety tips, never leave a hot gas grill unattended. If you need to step away from the grill, have a responsible adult keep an eye on it for you.


Great Things to Grill for Your Housewarming Party


Moving into your new house is an exciting time and once you are settled, a housewarming party is undoubtedly in order to christen the new place and pieces of furniture with your closest friends. While there are a number of different types of housewarming parties, having a BBQ with an outdoor grill might be the best because there’s no better way to bond then over food cooked on the grill. Here are a few things that are ideal to grill for your housewarming party:


Get a couple great spiced kielbasas, or other types of sausage, and throw them on the grill, turning them every few minutes or so. Once they are cooked through completely, pull them off the grill and cut them into individual pieces that are bite-sized. You can put toothpicks in them and serve with spicy mustard or other great dipping sauces.


Chicken Drumsticks

Most butchers will sell individual chicken drumsticks by the pound and this is one of the best things to grill for any type of party. Drumsticks are easy to hold, easy to eat, and not too filling. Marinate them any way you like and then grill up a few pounds of them to be served and left out for people take one or two of whenever they get hungry.



The great thing about shish-kabobs is that you can have vegetarian shish-kabobs or meat shish-kabobs that can be thrown on the grill. Simply put whatever you want in each shish-kabob on skewers and then place these on the grill, turning every four to five minutes. The skewers can be metal or wood, though if you go with the latter it is a good idea to soak the wooden skewers for a little while, so they will not burn & so what is cooked on them will come off easily.