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Cooler Weather, Whatever! Host a Senstational Backyard Cookout Anytime of Year

The cold weather has arrived and you want to host an outdoor gathering, so now what? You could plan to run continually from the warmth of your home out into the chilly weather every few minutes to tend the grill, or you could transform your backyard into a year-round entertainment showplace.


Bring the Kitchen Outdoors – Including the Kitchen Sink!


Yes, you can bring it all outdoors with a spectacular outdoor grill and kitchen island, which can even include a working sink. Beyond generous countertop space and a top-of-the-line grill, today’s outdoor kitchens are all-encompassing and can be fully customized to your desires. Some of our most popular models include refrigerators, dual side burners, kegerators, trash chutes, and warming drawers to keep your food warm and at a safe temperature for consumption. Stock your kitchen, add food and people, and let the fun begin!


Putting Some Warmth and Light on the Situation


Tabletop and freestanding outdoor patio heaters make celebrating al fresco pleasant most any time of year. Not only do they keep guests cozy, but they also add a nice ambiance to any gathering. With propane, infrared, and natural gas outdoor patio heater options, there’s a model to fit most budgets and space constraints.


One of the most luxurious touches you can add to your outdoor kitchen and entertainment area is a decadent outdoor fire pit. Guests can enjoy appetizers and cocktails by the fire over scintillating conversations, or the kids can have a blast making s’mores for dessert! If you’re a DIY enthusiast, constructing a backyard fire pit is a fantastic weekender project.


Finishing Touches for a Successful Outdoor Fall/Winter Gathering


Keep the palates of your guests warm by incorporating warm cider, from-scratch cocoa, gourmet coffees, or spicy red wines into the beverage menu. You’ll also want to plan ahead for inclement weather, so be certain to have a space for guests to seek respite if the sky falls out with a thunderstorm. With this possibility in mind, keep your outdoor decor simplistic. After all, your sparkling outdoor kitchen island, warming patio heaters, and luxurious outdoor fireplace from Gas Grills Now are decoration enough.