3 Basic Outdoor Kitchen Island Layouts and Designs


The most basic design you can have for an Outdoor Kitchen Island is a simple straight line. Clean-looking & efficient, a straight Outdoor Kitchen can be as simple or as decked-out as you want it to be. It can house just a grill & some storage space or have all the trimmings! It depends only on the amount of room you have for it (and how much you want to spend on it!). This simple island from Fire Magic comes standard with an Aurora A430i Grill, Single Side Burner, & Side Panel Access Door.




A step above the simple lines of the Straight Outdoor Kitchen, the L-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen adds just a little more function & eye-pleasing interest. Giving your guests a place to sit, the extra “arm” of the island is also a great place to add in more accessories – like a refrigerator or a beverage center! This particular island from Bull comes with a stainless steel sink & a 4.4 cubic foot refrigerator … along with an Angus Stainless Steel 4-Burner Grill. Something to keep in mind when setting up your L-Shaped Kitchen? Which way the wind blows! You want to make sure that the smoke from your grill will be blown away from your guests the majority of the time!




For those who love to entertain, a U-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen is a great choice! With plenty of room for seating around the outside & plenty of room for accessories on the inside, a backyard barbeque with a U-Shaped Kitchen is sure to extraordinary! Go all out with your Outdoor Kitchen when you add accessories like a warming drawer, storage drawers, and even and AM/FM CD player!

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