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How Can I Turn My Outdoor Grill Island into a Smoker?

For savory meat straight from the grill, nothing beats a smoker. Great grill recipes often require a smoker to bring out the best flavor in meat and fish. There are several free-standing appliances available to great grill gourmands. But why purchase a new appliance when you can easily adapt your grill island to smoke your meat for you?

Turning your grill into a smoker is easy. You’ll just need to purchase the right smoker box. A smoker box is a fireproof tin designed to create the smoke you’ll need to season your meat. All you’ll need to do is to fill the box with the wet wood chips of your choice – like mesquite, apple, and oak. Once the box is full, you will place the box just under the grill rack, against the strongest heat source of the grill. Once smoke begins to filter out of the box, your grill is ready, and you can begin smoking.

If you’re just starting out as a novice smoker, it’s best to start small. You may want to try our Bull Smoker box first. This box is small enough to use easily on most grills. The smoke output isn’t enough to flavor a large amount of meat. But it will give you a chance to test out smoking without investing in larger equipment.

For more advanced smokers, try the Fire Magic Grill smoker box or the American Outdoor Grill Smoker Box. Both boxes have more space for wood chips, so you can smoke a larger amount of meat. And both models have adjustable vents. This means you can control the amount of smoke the meat gets at any point in the cooking process.

If you smoke large amounts of meat, and need the most smoke possible, check out the Crown Verity Smoker box. Nothing holds more woodchips than this model. This model had enough space to evenly smoke and entire grill full of meat, and fits easily on most gas and electric grills.

No matter if you’re just getting started or looking to smoke an entire turkey, investing in a smoker box is a wise decision. It’s a little amount of effort for a flavorful payoff. So get ready to bring new life to your barbeque pork recipe. Get ready to add a richer flavor to chicken or fish. Either way, a smoker box will get you there.