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Pizza Recipe on an Outdoor Pizza Oven

It’s been a while, but we’re still here! We’ve got some great pizza recipes for you to try today. Usually, when people tell me they make their own pizza at home, I wonder how they possibly have the time to do it! My family has done it before and it’s enjoyable every once in a while, but it’s certainly not something I thought of as a quick and easy weeknight meal. If you’re in the same boat, we’re here to change that! We’ve got some creative pizzas for you to try out and they don’t take long to put together (or cook!). We use a wood fired pizza oven for our pizzas and certainly recommend that you do the same. You can check out the pizza ovens we have available at and don’t hesitate to call us at 877-669-4669 if you have questions!

Our first great pizza recipe we have for you is a Chicken Pizza.
To make it, you’ll just need the following 5 ingredients:
BBQ sauce, Chicken, Cheese, Onions, and Tomatoes.

Once you’ve got those, this video will show you how to put it all together! Make sure you have a napkin handy so you don’t drool all over your keyboard when you see what it looks like once it’s out of the oven!

Next up, we’ve got my personal favorite pizza recipe: a meat pizza! Again, a simple list of ingredients and a low cooking time make this a great treat on any night of the week. Pizza isn’t just for the weekend anymore! All you’ll need: Pizza sauce, pepperoni, ham, chicken, ground beef, BACON!, and cheese. Check out the video to see how we put it all together & why we used a pizza oven:

Let me attest to the fact that these pizzas both taste delicious!! (Job perk = eating what we film!) As Harold says in the videos, don’t hesitate to give us a call (877-669-4669) to ask us about our residential pizza ovens. Yep, these aren’t just for restaurants – you can have one in your own back yard!

Have you cooked in a pizza oven before? What’s your favorite homemade pizza recipe?