Monthly Archives: June 2011

Can you cook biscuits directly on a gas grill, no oven, no pan?

Today we are attempting to cook store bought biscuits directly on a gas grill. They will be placed directly on the grates and no pan or griddle will be used. Will it work or will it fail? Watch the video below to see.


Cooking Bacon on a Gas Grill?

Cooking bacon on a gas grill is not something you normally would want to try and usually should not try. The grease coming off the bacon is asking for huge flare ups and potentially a dangerous situation with fire. With one of our high end Fire Magic Grills that we carry we wanted to try and cook a pack of bacon on it.

Fire Magic is known for a great grease management system that helps limit the flare ups. If you do cook bacon on a grill you are going to want to be very careful and will need to watch it. Below is a video of the bacon cooking on the Fire Magic grill.

Have you ever cooked bacon on a gas grill before?