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Buy With Confidence

  • Credit card companies protect buyers. Many people don't realize the extent of protection that their credit cards companies provide. It's simple. If you get transactions charged to your account which you didn't authorize, you can request a refund from your credit card issuer.
  • Buying online is as safe as buying by mail order. Risks on the Internet are the same as in mail order. If you feel confident to buy by phone, fax or mail, you should be confident to buy on the Internet. In fact your rights are the same whether shopping on the internet or at the mall.
  • The fraud myth. Despite all the press hype about Internet fraud, real-life examples are amazingly hard to find. Last year at a seminar with hundreds of people present, the question was asked "Who has suffered credit card fraud?" In response, a sea of hands went up. When asked "Who has experienced Internet credit card fraud," no hands went up.
  • Encryption is the key. Remember that credit card information is fully encrypted by our servers and our vendors as it travels over the Net.
  • Buying online is no riskier than many personal transactions. The risk is actually no greater than using your card at a gas station or a shopping mall - where the person behind you can read it. The risk is also no greater than in a restaurant, where the card often disappears and lots of copies of slips could be run off by any member of staff.
  • Think twice about orders from outside North America. The few cases of reported fraud on the Net have been at the sellers expense, not the buyer. Vendors need to be aware of orders coming from jurisdictions where it is particularly hard to take action against fraud. Countries outside of Europe and North America seem to pose the main risk.